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ANNOUNCEMENTS – Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Pass

The commemoration of the entry of Christ into Jerusalem commences the experience of Holy Week.

We invite everyone to join the "Pola Nadziei" campaign, which is being organized by our "Let's Give the Hope" Foundation. The symbol of the campaign are daffodils hand-made by the Foundation's volunteers. This year, each daffodil is a "brick" for the disabled participant of Occupational Therapy Workshops, Yuri Masny, who lost his mother in February and remained alone. We ask for sacrifices that can be made at the exit of the Cathedral, which the Knights of Columbus and volunteers collect. God bless everyone for joining this action. READ MORE...

On Great Tuesday, April 16 at our Cathedral at 10/00 a.m. the Holy Mass will take place. Before the Holy Mass at 9/00 a.m. there will be issue of the Blessed Sacrament, adoration and opportunity for confession.

On Great Wednesday, we invite you to the Way of the Cross along the streets of Lviv. It will begin in the Cathedral immediately after the Holy Mass at 6/00 p.m. and will end at the Sanctuary of Saint Antoni. For this reason, there will be no Holy Mass at 5.30 p.m. and 6.30 p.m., but one at 6.00 p.m.

On Wednesday, there will be no cross roads for children.

Thank you for the sacrifices made for God's grave.

There will be no legal service this week and next.

Great THURSDAY April 18

  • 8/00 a.m. - Dark Matins
  • 10/00 a.m. - Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • 6/00 p.m - Holy mass Lord's Supper. It is the day of establishing the sacrament of the priesthood and the Eucharist. After the Mass transferring Lord Jesus to the darkness and all-night adoration.
  • From 10/00 p.m., the vigil will lead the youth
  • 11/30 p.m. staging "My Christ broken" will be presented by parishioners of the Rzęsna

Great FRIDAY April 19

We remind you that this is the day on which strict posting is in force.

  • 8/00 a.m. - Dark Matins
  • 10/00 a.m. - Way of the Cross
  • 3/00 p.m. - at the time of Jesus' death, the chaplet to the Divine Mercy
  • 6/00 p.m - Liturgy of the Lord's Passion, followed by the Adoration of the Cross, Holy Communion, and the transfer of the Blessed Sacrament to the Holy Sepulcher.

Adoration at the grave will last until 11/00 p.m.

Sacrifices collected at the God's grave are intended for the preservation of sanctuaries in the Holy Land.

Great SATURDAY April 20


  • 8/00 a.m. - Dark Matins
  • 9/00 a.m. - Dedication of food every hour
  • 10/00 p.m. - Bitter Sorrows (3 parts)
  • 6/00 p.m - The Easter Vigil will begin with the dedication of fire. Please bring candles.


Confession will be in the cathedral during the Triduum from 9 to 12 and from 3 p.m. to 5/30 p.m.

This week there will be no catechization.



RESERVATION – 7/00 a.m. (procession and the Holy Mass)

There will be no the Holy Mass at 8/00 a.m.


Trip to the sick on Wednesday at approx. 10.00 a.m.



Today in the church:

Schedule of Liturgies

  • 7:30 am Holy Mass in Polish
  • 10:00 am Holy Mass in Polish
  • 5:30 pm Holy Mass in Ukrainian
  • 6:30 pm Holy Mass in Polish