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Chapel of St. Casimir

Two chapels of St. Casimir and St. Joseph are adjoined to the presbytery directly. The first one has originated from the second part of the XVIII c. with an alter and an icon dedicated to prince St. Casimir Jagiellon (second half of XIX c.). The second one is located vis à visand called the chapel of Zamojski of the third quarter of XVIII c. Late renaissance alter of XIX c. made from alabaster is adorned with the image of St. Joseph with the Child. At the entrance against the wall the alabaster tombstone of the archbishop Jan Zamojki (1604-1614) and a little bit further Jan Tarnowski (1654-1669)tombstone are situated. Both archbishops are represented in the pontifical vestment in a horizontal position. Moreover, on the opposite wall the marble epitaph of archbishop Tomasz Pirawski (1564-1625) and the memorial of general Józef Dwernicki from 1868 by Parys Filippi chisel moved after the Ukrainian devastation in 1991 from the church of Carmelites are located. Two sacristies to the St. Casimir chapel are adjoined. The first one is called capitular or canonical (chapterhouse) and vicar’s one. In the first one the central place is occupied by the late renaissance alter from the end of XVI c., donated by Lviv family of Zapal, with the image of Christ crucifixion, but the vault is adorned with the polychrome by Stanisław Stroiński brush since 1771. In the second sacristy the polychrome of the same painter is present dated from the third quarter of XVIII c.


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