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Chapel to Jesus Crucifixion

The last chapel in this row was dedicated to Jesus Crucifixion also called as the Jablonowki family chapel. Its founder was a Duchess Ann from family Sapieh Jablonski. It was created in the second half of XVIII century. The gothic crucifix is placed into the Baroque altar; also below there are two icons: the Virgin Mary and The Pietà of XVII c. Till 1946 the reliquary of Blessed Jakub Strzemie has been set in the altarpiece, now placed in the main altar.

The tombstones of Lviv metropolitans are placedalong the walls, particularly of the archbishop Wacław Hieronim Sierakowski (1699-1780) from the western side, archbishop Ferdynand Onufry Kicki (nearly 1720-1797) from the eastern side and archbishop St. Józef Bilczewski (1860-1923) the prominent pastor, reformer of Lviv Church, scholar, philanthropist and statesman who was canonized in 2005. The mummified heart was placed into the pedestal of the last mentioned monument on the request of theSt. Józef Bilczewski. The makeshift memorial of the Metropolitan Basilica parson Rafał Władysław Kiernicki (1912-1995) the Franciscan, auxiliary bishop of Lviv archdiocese, who is buried in the crypt of the chapel, was placed against one of the walls. The polychrome of Biblical theme was by S. Stroinski of the second half of XVIII century.


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