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Chapel is of the Black Madonna of Czestochova

The middle chapel is of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa of the third quarter of XVIII century. The altar of the Rococo style of the second half of XVIII is adorned by two icons: The Immaculate Conception of Mary (of XVII c.) and Black Madonna of Częstochowa (of the second half of XIX c.).

On the walls there are the epitaphs of the general Pawel Grodzicki – the commandant of Lviv fortress of the days of kingWładysław IV Waza (1632-1648) and the commemorative plaque of cardinal Władysław Rubin (1917-1990), connected with the origin of Lviv archdiocese, the prefect of Eastern Church Congregation in Rome. The last was placed into the chapel after 1991. The whole design was complemented with S. Stroinki’s polychrome of the second half of XVIII century. 


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Schedule of Liturgies

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  • 10:00 am Holy Mass in Polish
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