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Chapel of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The next row of chapels from the side of the choir, this time finished to the South side of the Basilica, is opened by the chapel of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Perpetual Help. The chapel has been built by Piotr Milewski in the first half of XVII though its design was maintained in modern style. The alter of brown marble is adorned by the Cross with the postures of the Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelistat its foot. In the alter cavity the figure of St. Joseph with the Child (to 1946 there was the Merciful God sculpture) is placed. On the table (mensa) the reliquary with the relics of Lviv almoner and guardian of the poor Zygmund Gorazdowski (1845-1920) is set. He was canonized in 2005.

In the upper walls the marble reliefs of the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem and Jesus fall under the Cross is shown. The polychrome shows scenes of healing the blind, raising young man of Naim, The Risen Christ and different Eucharistic symbols. The epitaph plaques of apostolate administrators of the Archdiocese in Lubaczow, particularly of bishop prof. Jan Nowicki (1894-1973) and bishop prof. Marian Rechowicz (1910-1983) heirs to the heritage of Lviv metropolis after the Second World War within the limits of People's Republic of Poland had been set in1991on the walls lined with gray marble. Also there is the epitaph of Archbishop Eugeniush Baziak (1890-1962) the last Lviv metropolitan had been living in Lubaczow and Krakow after 1946.


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