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Chapel to the Flagellation of Christ

The third chapel from the North side was devoted to the Flagellation of Christ but also it is called the chapel of Kampian. The chapel originates from the period of the second half of the XVI-II and the half of XVII c. The construction is one of the most valuable sacral Mannerism period antiques for Poland. The construction was built by Pawel Rzymianin and Andrzej Bremer. The marble alter of XVI c. with the figures of the apostles St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Augustine and St. John Cantius was enriched with two icons the first of the Flagellation of Christ and the second Christ Carrying the Cross.

The epitaphs dedicated to the founders of the chapel toLviv patricians: Pawel, Marcin and priest Krzysztof Kampian of the first half of XVII c. and mayor Marcjan Groswajer, assessor Marcin and Zuzanna from family Kampian Ostrogorski of the first half of XVII c. are placed on the wall. The chapel’s decoration was complemented with medallions of four Evangelists, Fathers of Church and Apostles. The dome is adorned with the polychrome by S. Stroinski: Christ before Pilate.


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