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Main nave

 Entering the main nave of the Basilica from the presbytery two walls tombstones attract attention. To the left hand: the tombstone of Katarzyna from family of Ossolinski Jablonowski castellans Wiślicki lived in the second half of the XVIII c. can be seen. The whole tombstone demonstrating two crying characters at the urn was made of marble and bronze by Hartman Wittwer in Vienna. To the right can be seen the marble tombstone of Konstancja from the family of Siemianowski and Boguslawa from Ustrzycki family with the urn placed in the pediment of the church. The last element on the border with the presbytery and main nave is forged from iron with decorating elements from gilded bronze pulpit dated XIX c.

The walls of the main nave and aisles are adorned with the Stanisław Stroiński polychrome of Christological – Marian theme from the second half of the XVIII c. which was renovated at Soviet times after the Second World War. Adorned stalls for city governorsand benches of the third quarter XVIII are placed below the musical choir.

The musical organ at the musical choir dated since 1839 by Roman Ducheński from Lviv is still running. From the central part of the musical prospectus the stained glass window of Virgin Mary Queen of Angels with the Polish and Lithuanian Emblems by Teodor Axentowicz from the end of the XIX c. can be seen.

The whole building of the Basilica during all those centuries had been enriched and as a result extended by numbers of different side chapels. Going along the aisle towards the musical choir the first right-hand chapel is of the Blessed Sacrament or also called Gold or by Wiśniowiecki family. The chapel was created over XV-XVIII cc. The interior space of the dome is adorned by Stanisław Stroiński polychrome of the Eucharistic theme. In the Late Baroque alter of the second quarter of XVIII c. a copy of the icon of XVII c. by Peter Paul Rubens The Descent from the Cross can be seen. On the walls there are two epitaphs: the tombstone in honor of Mikołaj Krosnowski the Chernihiv governor of the turn of XVII/XVIII c. and the memorial of Lviv metropolitan archbishop Franciszek Ksawery Wierzchlejski of the second half of theXIX c. by Tadeush Barączchisel.


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Schedule of Liturgies

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  • 10:00 am Holy Mass in Polish
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