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Main altar

The central place of the church is occupied by the main altar of Rococo style from 1765-1771 by Piotr Polejowski project. The altar is adorned by four figures of Church Fathers such as St. Augustine, St. George, St. Ambrose and St. Jerome by the authorship of Maciej Polejowski. In the central bay the architectural composition is placed. The particular composition by its style of the seven columns made from the silver brass has the close connection to the Biblical idea of the House of Wisdom. At the center of this composition can be seen the crowned image of the Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy adorned by a Golden Rose a give of the Pope John Paul II. In the middle parts of the altar two silver reliquaries by the XVIII century with the relics of different Saints are located. Right above the tabernacle the silver reliquary with the temporal remains of blessed Jakub Strzemię (about 1392-1409) the patron of Lviv archdiocese is fixed.

From the sacristy side on the sidewall of the presbytery marble epitaph of years 1770-1771 can be seen. The particular marble epitaph donated by the archbishop W. H. Sierakowski to Lviv metropolitans from XVI-XVII centuries. 

Along the both presbytery walls the rows of oak stalls for canons from the second half of XVII century with reliefs of the apostles and with different ornaments made by Jan Kruszanowki in 1771 are located. Above the stalls two Neo-Gothic balconies of marble and of oak from the end of XIX century are set. Also there are located two Neo-Gothic portals leading to chapels of St. Casimir and St. Joseph. The presbytery space is subdivided into two parts by marble balusters from XVII/XVIII centuries. One of the monumental curtains for the icon of the Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy showing the episode of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was placed on the South wall after the year of 2000. A little bit lower the renaissance bronze tombstone of Mikołaj Herburt Odnowski Rus governor is set. Beside the tombstone the marble and bronze Neo- Baroque epitaph of Leon and Jadwiga of an important Polish nobility family Zamojscy Sapieh, by Antoni Popiel project since the end of XIX century is set. The bronze tombstone of Stanisław Żółkiewski, Rus governor since XVI century, is located on the presbytery North wall.


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Schedule of Liturgies

  • 7:30 am Holy Mass in Polish
  • 10:00 am Holy Mass in Polish
  • 5:30 pm Holy Mass in Ukrainian
  • 6:30 pm Holy Mass in Polish