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Plan katedry

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 I. Presbytery

 II. Main altar

 III. Kruchta

 IV. Nawa boczna (północna)

 V. Nawa boczna (południowa)

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 0. Wejście do katedry

 1. Chapel to the Flagellation of Christ

 2. Chapel or St. Antony

 3. Chapel is of the Blessed Sacrament or also called Gold

4. Chapel of St. Casimir

5. Zakrystia

6. Zakrystia

7. Chapel St. Joseph

8. Chapel to Jezus Crucifixion

9. Chapel is of the Black Madonna of Czestochova

10. Chapel of Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Perpetual Help

11. Exit


Zewnętrzna bryła katedry

bazylika61Zewnętrzna elewacja Bazyliki posiada kilka interesujących zabytków. Na fasadzie po prawej strony od wieży widnieje tablica ku czci Tadeusza Kościuszki z 1917 r., w 100-lecie jego śmierci. Po lewej stronie wieży umieszczono tablicę dedykowaną Janowi Pawłowi II na pamiątkę jego wizyty w tym kościele i Lwowie. Pomiędzy kaplicami Pana Jezusa Ubiczowanego (Kampianów) a Wiśniowieckich (Złotą), widnieje architektoniczna XVIII-wieczna kompozycja Pan Jezus w grobie.

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Main altar

The central place of the church is occupied by the main altar of Rococo style from 1765-1771 by Piotr Polejowski project. The altar is adorned by four figures of Church Fathers such as St. Augustine, St. George, St. Ambrose and St. Jerome by the authorship of Maciej Polejowski. In the central bay the architectural composition is placed. The particular composition by its style of the seven columns made from the silver brass has the close connection to the Biblical idea of the House of Wisdom. At the center of this composition can be seen the crowned image of the Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy adorned by a Golden Rose a give of the Pope John Paul II. In the middle parts of the altar two silver reliquaries by the XVIII century with the relics of different Saints are located. Right above the tabernacle the silver reliquary with the temporal remains of blessed Jakub Strzemię (about 1392-1409) the patron of Lviv archdiocese is fixed.

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Basilica catacombs

In the Basilica catacombs,covered with a network of corridorsleading to the burial crypts, there are graves of Lviv metropolitans transferred there after the Second World War from other different Lviv churches due to the threat of Soviet desecration. The grave of the archbishop Boleslaw Twardowski (1865 - 1944) containing the relics of the priest originally placed in the Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn church established by him really deserves attention. Or graves of other hierarchs of XIX century buried in the seminary church of Our Lady of the Candles also worth attention. The tidying up of the catacombs’ crypts and opening it up for prayer and for visit will be planned as soon as possible.


Main nave

 Entering the main nave of the Basilica from the presbytery two walls tombstones attract attention. To the left hand: the tombstone of Katarzyna from family of Ossolinski Jablonowski castellans Wiślicki lived in the second half of the XVIII c. can be seen. The whole tombstone demonstrating two crying characters at the urn was made of marble and bronze by Hartman Wittwer in Vienna. To the right can be seen the marble tombstone of Konstancja from the family of Siemianowski and Boguslawa from Ustrzycki family with the urn placed in the pediment of the church. The last element on the border with the presbytery and main nave is forged from iron with decorating elements from gilded bronze pulpit dated XIX c.

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Schedule of Liturgies

  • 7:30 am Holy Mass in Polish
  • 10:00 am Holy Mass in Polish
  • 5:30 pm Holy Mass in Ukrainian
  • 6:30 pm Holy Mass in Polish